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Initially I started out in Graphics and Flash-based websites, but over the years started to dabble with code and before I knew it I was boring people at parties with my techno babble!

The main programing / markup languages I use are PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML - I also have experience with JAVA, ASP, C# and ActionScript but wouldn't call them my main languages. At the end of the day, I'll use whatever the client requires!

On the front-end I have experience with JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, MooTools, BackBase, Yahoo User Interface library, and Google's Web Toolkit.

I have used a number of MVC frameworks on the back end, like CakePHP and Codeigniter, but am happier building my own OOP applications in PHP with MySQL.

Projects I have undertaken have included:

  • Websites
  • Interactive CD's
  • Flash Animations & Presentations

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