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These days I am a JavaScript developer, and Git preacher! I've specialised in Front-End for about the last five years. However, a couple of years ago I started doing some backend again in the guise of NodeJS - I was particularly happy abou this as it means I can utilise my JavaScript skills on the back end!

Please note, this CMS was build about 6 years ago before I really got stuck into my JavaScript! Don't use this site as an example of my JavaScript!!

How it was...

I am really a Multimedia Developer, who specialises in the web industry, however I have found that some of the agencies I work through don't always have that category in their search box. Which, means that actually I am any of the job titles listed on the right... they are in order of most relevance!

Additionally I also work with Digital Video, Flash Animation and Audio, often useful in the world of Front-end Development.

Please browse the rest of the section, to see some of the clients I have had (yes... that's name dropping anywhere else!), and in which industries, you should also find links to the gallery section where I get to exhibit some of my work.

Quality services...

Job titles that are applicable:

  • Web Developer
  • Front-end Developer
  • UI Developer
  • PHP programmer
  • Javascript Programmer
  • CSS'er / Styling specialist
  • Accessibility Consultant
  • Web Optimisation Consultant
  • Web Designer
  • Photo Editor
  • Illustrator
  • Iconographer
  • Photo Restoration Specialist
  • Flash Animator
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