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Graphics have always been central to my skills set, and are instrumental in my multimedia world.

Please browse the section below to see examples of; artworking, illustration, iconography, packaging design, photo manipulation, photo restoration in a variety of different industries.

I am still getting all the artwork together... so for the moment there are some headings below as reminders - bear with me!



USB drive for BP

Produced the artwork for the USB stick you can see below... took me considerably longer to read the brand guideline then to do the actual work!

Mice International

Helped with the re-branding of the Mice Group with their "fusion mark" brand.

Exclusion zones for the brand guidelineFusion Mark LogoNew Corporate Identities for the Mice GroupNew colour palletsNew Mice T-ShirtsNew Truck Livery

Did the technical illustration for the following pitch work for 3... not the hand drawings, but everything else!

Pitch work for '3'

Pitch work for '3'

Reproduced the some icons for a Motorola project.

Pitch work for '3'

Some other icons for various other mice projects.

Pitch work for '3'

Designed these conference graphics for HP... tricky when there's a £5,000 fine for brand infringments! But made easier with their grid design system...

Produced these graphics for an Interactive CD for Marks & Spencers



Envogue Studios

Edited thousands of studio pictures; retouching, enlarging, reducing, stylising etc - all the usual photoshop tricks!


Planned Packaging

Sadly very little creative freedom here but you will find some of these prodcuts on the shelves of food shops across the UK.

MacGilvray smoked salmon packaging

MacGilvray smoked salmon packaging

Michaels pitta packaging

Michaels pitta packagingMichaels pitta packaging

Michaels pitta packagingMichaels pitta packaging

Eghoyans pitta packaging

Eghoyans pitta packagingEghoyans pitta packaging

Eghoyans pitta packagingEghoyans pitta packaging

Newbury Phillips pitta packaging


Newbury Phillips pitta packagingNewbury Phillips pitta packaging

Shire Properties




Jack Daniels

Market Research Graphics



Flyers for the shops in Portsmouth


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