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Accessibility is one of my specialities and as such I have a real committment to make everything I do as accessible as possible. In short, this means that I check all of my sites for consistency in all of the major browsers and build mechanisms to help impared or disabled users gain acess to all the site information. I also try to ensure that that I adheare to all the latest HTML and CSS guideline specifications from  W3C.

This web site has been cross browser checked in the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 3
  • Safari 4
  • Internet explorer 6,7 and 8
  • Google Chrome

It is always possible that I might have missed something, so please let me know if you are experienceing problems using the site in any of the browsers listed above.

If you are unable to use this site for any other reason, I would really like to know about it! Please use the contact page to inform me of any in-accessibilities you come across.

Accessibility Features...

This site has a number of accessibility features that are outlined below:

  • Nested menus
  • Scaleable fonts
  • Menu shortcut keys
  • Cross-browser styling
  • Screen reader friendly architecture

Keyboard Controls

I have provided access to the main pages via keyboard shortcuts, listed in the table below.

Browser shortcuts:

Mozilla Firefox

Browser Mac PC
 Back  Cmd + left arrow  Ctrl + left arrow
 Forward  Cmd + right arrow  Ctrl + right arrow
 Refresh/Reload  F5  
 Cache refresh  Cmd + Shift + R  
 Zoom In  Cmd + +  
 Zoom Out  Cmd + -  
 Zoom reset  Cmd + 0  

Access Keys:

Page Access key
Home 1
About 2
Services 3
Gallery 4
Contact 5
Accessibility 6
Terms and Conditions 7
Sitemap 8

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